Why New England needs to utilize James White more in the offense


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The New England Patriots have been an unstoppable force since the turn of the century and their dynasty is one that could not just be considered the best ever in football, but the best in any sport. The Patriots have fallen back to Earth in 2018 with Tom Brady growing old and a lack of talent on the defensive side of the football but one man is having the best year of his career. His name is James White.

            He already has doubled his highest rushing yard total ever in a season and has over 100 more receiving yards and over 20 more receptions than any other season he has played. It seems that James White is the best all-around running back for New England and you can tell the team struggles when they do not utilize him.

            New England is currently sitting at 9-4 through 14 weeks and it seems that the team comes and goes with James White. When White rushes the football between 0-4 times in a game, New England is 1-4, whereas when he rushes it five or more times the team has not lost a game this season at 8-0.

Now, I know what you are thinking. James White isn’t just a running back, he does everything out of the backfield. This is true. So let us factor in his total scrimmage yards into the equation. We will set the line at 60 yards from scrimmage.

            When James White has less than 60 yards from scrimmage, the New England Patriots are 1-3 in those games, whereas when he has more than 60 scrimmage yards they are 8-1. Now, let’s factor in scoring. In games when James White does not score a touchdown, the team is 3-3, whereas when he does score a touchdown, the team is 6-1.

            The numbers are all there. The Patriots have shown that they can win without James White being at his most productive, but it is not as easy. When White is not in the game plan, it takes a big toll on the offense. New England’s recipe for success this year does not include force feeding Edelman or red zone touchdowns to Gronkowski, it involves a 5’10 running back from Wisconsin being involved in the game plan and getting his touches.

By: Joe Zollo

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