Who is the 2019 NFL Draft’s Patrick Mahomes? : Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins lead exciting QB class


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After Patrick Mahomes exploded in his second season in the NFL, teams have reconsidered their viewpoint on the mobile quarterback. With young, dynamic quarterbacks like Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield making an instant impact, scouts and front offices are looking at college prospect quarterbacks in a much more optimistic fashion. Today, we look at the most exciting QB prospects that have the potential to step in and put up big numbers early in their careers.

The prospect that has gotten the most attention coming out of college is Kyler Murray. The speedster quarterback out of Oklahoma is fresh off of a ridiculous Heisman Trophy-winning campaign for the Sooners. Murray did it all at Oklahoma, throwing for 4,361 yards and 42 touchdowns. Murray was also a weapon on the ground, rushing for 1,001 yards and 12 more TD’s. His unstoppable season has many scouts considering making a move, especially teams who are looking for a quarterback. The Cardinals are reportedly considering taking the playmaker with the first overall pick, similar to what the Browns decided to do with their number one overall pick last season when they took an undersized playmaker out of Oklahoma (Baker Mayfield). If Murray is not picked up by the Cardinals at number one, expect him to be picked up anywhere from 15th-16th picks, with the Dolphins and Redskins both in need of a young prospect under center.

Former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been on the big board of a number of teams, as he represents a pro-ready player who looks to have the ability to come straight into an offense in the NFL. Haskins led the nation in passing yards and touchdowns last season, throwing for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns. Haskins is a much more physically capable quarterback than Murray, standing at 6’3 and weighting in at 220. This numbers are exciting the scouts of the Jaguars and Redskins, who will both be considering trading up on Draft Day if the chance arises. Although not as shifty as Mahomes, Haskins clearly has the ability to step in and make a difference from day one.

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