NFL Video game "Madden 19" predicts Rams win Super Bowl


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Los Angeles Rams

By: Joe Zollo

It is an annual thing now. The popular NFL football game, Madden, has predicted who will win the Super Bowl since 2004 and they have a pretty amazing record. 

Since the video game simulation began just 15 years ago, Madden has a record of 10-5 with their most recent miss coming last year as the simulation predicted a New England Patriots victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Every year that the Patriots have made the Super Bowl since 2004, they have been the favorite to win the game... until now.

The Monday before the Super Bowl, the video game simulation predictions were released. Starting at the end of the first half, New England is leading Los Angeles by a 14-point margin at 17-3. Pretty staggering for a Super Bowl and for a team with a high powered offense. All of that turns around in the 3rd quarter where the LA Rams score 17 points to New England's three and the game sits tied at 20. 

Entering the 4th quarter tied, the Rams nail a 53-yard field goal to take the lead but Brady storms his team back and takes the lead with a touchdown, making the score 27-23. Finally, Jared Goff and the Rams march down the field and Todd Gurley runs it in from 5-yards away to give the Rams the lead and ultimately the game. Rams win 30-27 over New England. 

Will this happen exactly as simulated? 100% no but it will be entertaining if it plays out even just a little like this. Madden had scored one game correctly recently and it was the Patriots victory over Seattle in Super Bowl 49. Madden had predicted an outcome of Patriots 28 and Seahawks 24 and that is exactly what we ended with. 

Some other fun things Madden predicted for the Super Bowl:

Aaron Donald will win the MVP with four sacks

Jared Goff and Tom Brady each throw two touchdowns and one interception

No Rams player rushes for over 100 yards

Sony Michel is the top rusher with 103 yards and 1 TD

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