Turkey Looks To Extradite NBA Big Man Enes Kanter


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Multiple sources have reported that the government of Turkey has sent out an international arrest warrant for New York Knicks center Enes Kanter. This development comes after Kanter chose not to travel with his team to London, England for a matchup with the Wizards.

Turkey is in pursuit of an Interpol Red Notice for Kanter, which is the equivalent to an arrest warrant that is respected internationally. Turkey is reportedly accusing Kanter of being a part of a “terror group”, and speaking out against the Government. Kanter has made his opinion about Turkish leader Erdogan, and has supported the Hizmet Movement of Fethullah Gulen, an anti-Erdogan movement in Turkey.

Kanter began his basketball career in Turkey for Euroleague powerhouse Fenerbahce. He spent two years at a high level prep school before attending Kentucky, getting drafted after just one year in school. He has since made an influential name for himself in America, being one of the best Europeans in the NBA, and a humorous social media figure.

Kanter has had problems with the government of Turkey in the past. In the Spring of 2017, Kanter had his Turkish passport canceled. Just a week after the passport cancelation, the first warrant for Kanter’s arrest was issued. Kanter didn’t return to Turkey, and in return, his citizenship was revoked. The future of Kanter and the Turkish government is still unclear, but it’s unlikely that the United States government will cooperate with Turkey on this matter.

Kanter is currently playing for the Knicks, but has been involved trade talks with a number of teams with New York attempting to offload his expiring contract before the trade deadline next month. Enes Kanter is averaging 14.4 points and 11 rebounds a game this season, and has been one of the most productive players on a poor Knicks roster. New York will play the Washington Wizards on Thursday without Kanter. The Knicks are 0-2 without Kanter this year.

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