NBA Trade Talk For Bradley Beal Heats Up As Wizards Rebuild Imminent


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The first team that would be in the running for Bradley Beal is the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder would have to take a luxury tax financial hit for this move by having another max contract on the books, but the move would put them in a very favorable place in a tight Western Conference that is up for grabs at the moment. The Warriors have started much slower than last season, and the Rockets have just turned it on as of late. With the number one seed in the west being mainly occupied by a young and fearless Denver Nuggets team, many contending organizations such as Okc will see an opportunity to make a move and take the West this season.

The Thunder would have to give up their first round pick of next years draft, as well as a few young role players like Alex Abrines or Terrance Ferguson. If a trade was to go through, it would unite Bradley Beal with his college coach in Billy Donovan. Donovan will have ideas in how he will be able to implement Beal into a team that is in dire need of shooting. OKC is in the bottom five in the league in three point shooting % and would immediately benefit from the 22 points that Beal is bringing to the table this weekend. With a starting five of Adams, Beal, Paul George, Schroder and Russell Westbrook on the floor for OKC, they can run with the league's best lineups, even Golden State and Toronto.

Other teams that are rumored to be in the hunt for Bradley Beal are the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Boston Celtics. Out of the three, Boston was the most assets to offer, and is the most desperate for the firepower that Beal brings. Look for one of these four teams to make a move before the deadline is here in early February.

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