NBA Trade Rumors : Kanter Back to OKC? Enes Kanter Unhappy in NY


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After a poor first half of the season, the New York Knicks seem to be placing themselves in a favorable place for next year's draft, excusing poor performance and accepting the bright side of losing. There are many problems with this tactic, one being the reaction of many of the competitive players on the Knicks roster. Enes Kanter is one of these frustrated players who is unsettled in New York after the team has seemed to commit to tanking.

On top of the poor start for the Knicks, Kanter has been taken out of the lineup despite averaging very productive numbers. Kanter is averaging 14.6 points and 10.6 rebounds so far this season for a below average offense, which proves his value. Kanter offers a presence that many teams could

Kanter is more than likely going to leave New York before the trade deadline comes, but a destination is yet to be determined, or even predicted for the big man. One roster that he would love to return to is Billy Donovan’s squad in Oklahoma City. Kanter spent three years in OKC, and has a special bond with Westbrook and fellow big man Steven Adams. If the right three-way team trade was proposed by trade-genius Sam Pressi, there could be a chance of a reunion of forces for the Thunder.

The only hole in the Kanter comeback story is who OKC could trade for Kanter. OKC doesn’t have the depth to make a irresistible offer to the Knicks at the moment. Also, if Kanter is disappointed in not starting the New York, he will likely be unhappy to come off the bench, playing behind Steven Adams, in OKC either. The only difference would be Kanter sacrificing playing time in exchange for playing for a contender. Time will tell if Kanter wants to make this sacrifice, or if the OKC front office is interested in reacquiring his services.

Some other teams who may be looking to acquire a big man are the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors, with both teams lacking a physical presence after losing 1-2 players to injury each.

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