Tony Romo's Bold Super Bowl Prediction


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By: Joe Zollo

In a press conference the Tuesday before Super Bowl 53, CBS Color Commentator Tony Romo was asked by reporter Shanna McCarriston what his prediction is for the score of the Super Bowl. 

While Romo has been pretty good with predicting play calling all year, he hasn't had a lot of success when picking the Super Bowl. Before the season had begun, Romo was interviewed on NFL Network and had said that he thought it would be a matchup of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Green Bay Packers. Now, he was way off as both teams did not even get a sniff of the playoffs but it is hard to predict Super Bowl teams in July. 

Fast forward to the season he has had in the booth. He has become one of the most talked about commentators in the sport because of his ability to see the field and predict the playcalling for each team. Everybody has been shocked and what he can do and how well he sees the field and it is impressive to watch him call out what teams will do in different situations.

He and Jim Nance will be the broadcasters for the NFL's biggest game come February 3rd and there is a lot of buzz on what Tony will predict next. His boldest prediction of the Super Bowl, so far, came Tuesday in a press conference with the entire CBS crew. 

A young reporter, Shanna McCarriston, asked Romo his Super Bowl prediction. She said he did not have to say who would win but say what the score would be at the end of regulation. He chuckled and knew he was under a lot of pressure but he answered nice and calm with "I'm gonna go 28-24. And I think the team who has 24 has the ball at the end and they don't score."

Now that is a bold prediction. All he had to do was say the score but he added on the last part of the team with the lower score will not win with the ball in their hands last. Now, if Romo is correct, can he see into the future? Or is he just really damn lucky?

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