Thon Maker Looks For Trade Amidst Low Playing Time Stretch


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Thon Maker

The Milwaukee Bucks have made waves across the basketball world in the 2018-19 season, and have been the best team in the Eastern Conference so far this season. Their roster may not be set in stone, as trade rumors have began to swirl around some of their young talent.

Third year center Thon Maker is only 21, but reports suggest that the player is looking to advance his career from milwaukee, where he is struggling to receive a significant amount of playing time. Maker typically plays behind Brook Lopez and can fill in at the 4 for Giannis Antetokounmpo.  

Maker is averaging just 11.7 minutes per game this season, 4.9 less minutes than last season. Despite playing less, Maker is still averaging nearly the exact same points per game, indicating that Maker is improving. Despite this consistency, but playing time is limited in Milwaukee.

Maker has shown that he is a capable body in the NBA, and as a young 7’1, Maker is full of potential. Maker is still developing as a player, but the Bucks are looking for a more experienced bench as they prepare for a deep postseason run in 2019.

Thon Maker has attracted trade interest from numerous teams, including the Knicks, Timberwolves, and Trail Blazers, with the Blazers considered to have the most to offer in exchange for Maker.

Maker is under contract until 2020-21, and represents good value if he is able to progress as a player. Maker is owed less than $5 million in each year of his contract and offers teams a cheap big man who can give at least 20 minutes a game to any team.

Maker has only played 4 minutes in the last 4 games, and didn’t appear at all in the Bucks last game against the OKC Thunder.

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