"There's nobody that works harder than him” : Thunder GM sticks by Head Coach Billy Donovan


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"There's nobody that works harder than him” : Thunder GM sticks by Head Coach Billy Donovan

It looks like the OKC Thunder will be coached by Billy Donovan for at least one more year. GM Sam Presti was clear about his feelings towards the future of Donovan and the Thunder. When asked about coach Donovan and if there was any chance he would be replaced this offseason, Presti was clear, stating that he “wouldn’t expect anything to change”. Presti went on to say that “No one works harder than him (Donovan).”

It seems as though this Thunder fanbase is split when it comes to Billy Donovan. Some fans think that he is a great fit, while others look at his time with the team and have seen enough. Since Donovan has arrived in OKC, the Thunder have a record of 199-129 in the regular season. Donovan has a playoff record of 15-19, but has struggled since the departure of KD, going 4-12 in the postseason since Durant went to Golden State. This is alarming for many fans, especially considering the record that Donovan has in his two seasons coaching Paul George (3-8). With the star power of Paul George and Russell Westbrook, many think that this Thunder team should be making deep runs into the playoffs, something that they have struggled to do under Donovan.

Presti addressed this lack of postseason success, downplaying the relevance of the recent shortcomings in the playoffs. When asked if he was going to make a change because of the 2018-19 playoff performance, Presti expressed, “Our job isn't just to sit here and react to things”. Presti went on to explain that Donovan has improved the team from year to year, and this season will be no different, as he expects minor details to be cleaned up for a successful campaign next year.

As for the Thunder faithful, it looks like OKC will be competing under Billy Donovan’s coaching for at least one more season.

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