Tennessee Titans 2018 Review, 9-7, AFC South - 3rd Place


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Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans


AFC South - 3rd Place

Grade : B-

The Tennessee Titans had an up and down season with their first year head coach Mike Vrabel. Tennessee was very streaky in 2018, with both wins and losses coming in bunches. The Titans were able to string together a 3-game and a 4-game win streak during the season, but were unable to make the playoffs in the AFC, losing a win-and-you’re-in scenario against the Colts on the last day.

The 9-7 record was enough to put them in the playoff hunt, but leaves the Titans with a less than flattering draft pick with pick #18 of the first round. Tennessee was able to collect big wins against the Patriots, Eagles, Cowboys, but the divisional rivals proved to much for the Titans again.

2019-20 Outlook

At some point, young head coach Mike Vrabel will have to make a long term decision over the quarterback position in Tennessee. Starter Marcus Mariota will be entering his 5th season, and has yet to produce big performances on a consistent basis. Mariota was given the best backfield he has ever had this season, but was unable to take the Titans to the playoffs.

For a team that is returning many of their defensive assets this season, expect the Titans to boost the offense around Marcus Mariota. If Mariota doesn’t produce early in the 2019-20 season, look for coach Mike Vrabel to consider making a change under center. This Titans team has a very good core who proved this season that they are capable of running the ball as well as playing defense. It appears that this Titans team needs a quarterback who can offer an aerial threat to open up the run game, not the other way around. With free agents such as Teddy Bridgewater and Nick Foles available, consider the Titans as a dark horse team that could be in the market.

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