Takeaways from Super Bowl Media Night


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By: Joe Zollo

The first time both teams were seen in Atlanta together was at State Farm Arena for the annual Super Bowl Media Night. All the star players came out to speak with the media and answer any and all questions they may have. 

The boys from Barstool Sports were in the building and told Ndamukong Suh that "they will be watching him" if he tries to do anything dirty on the field. Everyone from local news to national coverage went around asking all the important questions about Julian Edelman's beard. The entire event was a fun spectacle to see but one line stole the show and it would come from non-other than the Greatest of All Time, Tom Brady.

Both Tom Brady and LA Rams Quarterback Jared Goff were on stage at the same time being asked questions. The host asks Brady "What sort of advice would you give this [Jared Goff] as he gets ready to take on the big, bad Patriots?" Brady comedically responds with "I'm not giving him any advice." And rightfully so. It is the largest age gap between two QB's starting in the Super Bowl and Brady does not want to give Goff any insight for the big game.

Rob Gronkowski was dancing his butt off and seems to be unbelievably hype for Sunday's contest. Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel's show was there and handing out gifts to both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. When Belichick was handed his gift, his response was "I will put it on and I'll send you a picture of it on Snapface." 

The legends on NFL Network, Deon Sanders, Nate Burleson, and Michael Irvin were walking around and asking players any and all questions; whether it be football related or not. We learned Todd Gurley doesn't wear anything that costs less than $100,000 around his neck, Aaron Donald believes there should be a change in the MVP voting to be someone other than a Quarterback, and Michael Irvin got Gronk to admit the G.O.A.T of wrestling, in his eyes, is Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

It was an entertaining Media Night, to say the least, and that might have been the most exciting thing that has happened inside State Farm arena this season; seeing as the Hawks are in 12th place in the Eastern Conference. The week will only get better and its beginning to look like one hell of a Super Bowl matchup ahead on February 3rd. 

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