Robert Kraft's court date set for April 24


On Friday, February 22nd, long-time New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution in Florida. At the time, the charges were second-degree misdemeanors and have now been intensified to first-degree charges.

Kraft was seen entering the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida not once, but twice on back-to-back days. It was January 19th and January 20th, which just happened to be the morning of the AFC Championship game.

On the 19th, Robert Kraft is said to have been seen on hidden camera receiving a massage from two women. These women were giving him more than just an ordinary massage and once Kraft had left the area, he had been pulled over by local law enforcement for a routine traffic stop. He was in a black Bentley and had someone who was chauffeuring him around. Even though Kraft was not the driver, he was asked to surrender his license to the officer but nothing happened and the officer let them go.

The reason the officer had pulled them over was that he was trying to get ID's on the men who were coming in and out of this spa as local police have had suspicions about this place for a while. The officer stated he was shocked to see Robert Kraft going into this place. This might have just been a misunderstanding as Mr. Kraft may not have realized what the place was but those theories were shot down the next morning.

At 10:59 AM on January 20th, the morning of the AFC Championship game, Robert Kraft was seen getting out of a different colored Bentley and entering the Day Spa. He was seen once again on hidden cameras and had left the spa just 14 minutes after entering. We then presume he was driven to the local airport and flew to Kansas City to watch the Championship Game.

This is still early in the process as the case has been public with Kraft's name on it for just over 72 hours. We know Kraft's court date is April 24th, one where he does not have to appear in front of the judge. He is facing up to a year's worth of jail time, mandatory $5,000 fine, 100 hours of community service, and a mandatory class on the dangers of human trafficking. 

Robert will most likely not spend a year in jail as he is a first-time offender but most of the other stuff is what he will be seeing, along with the public shaming he may receive. I believe Kraft did not know what was happening behind the scenes when he walked into that spa but it doesn't matter what I think, it only matters what the judge thinks.