Replay of NFC Title Game Would Cost NFL “$100 Million”

Super Bowl

Although the NFC game has been over for a week now, New Orleans Saints are still looking for answers. Two fans have refused to let the season die, and have sued the NFL for damages, asking for the Saints organization to refund all fans who paid for a ticket in the Superdome on January 20th.

Tommy Badeux and Candis Lambert are the two infamous New Orleans Saints fans who sued the National Football League. These two fans are after justice, and are looking to either force the league to financially refund fans who paid top dollar for playoff tickets in the Superdome, or solve the issue with a replay.

In response to these demands, a league spokesman has recently made it public that the first demand of a refund would simply be overbearing, with a $16 million price tag on the idea of refunding all 72,000+ fans at the game in New Orleans.

A replay of the game looks even less likely, with statistics coming out from the NFL and their spokespeople stating that even a 1 minute and 49 second replay of the final moments of the game would cost the league over “$100 Million”, and that it is unrealistic. NFL pointed towards its’ sponsors as to why a replay wouldn’t happen, citing that the Super Bowl has been planned for a long time, and any adjustments of the starting time of this event would have heavy negative financial implications.

The NFL or its commissioner has not came out and had a statement on the missed call, but the league has made it clear about what it thought of the hit in the Saints game. The league has fined LA Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman, $26,000 for an illegal helmet to helmet hit, a call that was missed in the NFC title game.

Despite these red flags, it is likely that nothing will come out of the lawsuit, and that the NFC title game has concluded for good with no replay. Nearly all legal experts see the New Orleans fans’ lawsuit as a waste of time and resources, with the goal of playing a replay illogical.