Rams vs. Saints Part II: The rematch New Orleans is calling for but should never happen


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Los Angeles Rams

By: Joe Zollo

We all know the story by now. 3rd and 10, under two minutes, left and the referees blow a blatant pass interference call against Nickel Robey-Coleman of the Los Angeles Rams. It was clear to everybody sitting in that building and the rest sitting at home in disbelief of what was not called.

Since the game, Saints fans and players have been crying for a rematch of the last 1:48 seconds of the game, as the commissioner does have the power to do this before the Super Bowl. Seriously? If we decided to do a rematch of every big game with a blown call, then there would never be a winner. If this game is replayed, it will set a precedent for years to come that if there is, in fact, a blown call, you must replay from that point on to then determine the true outcome. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to speak on the matter after countless attempts of Saints players reaching out and writing memoirs to at least address the situation. Sean Payton went to meet with the league office and was told that “the referees missed the call.” That did not resolve anything, nor did it make Payton, or any Saints fan, happier with the situation.

Saints fans have started petitions, written letters, and have even created a rap video on what happened in that Championship game but none of it has affected the outcome of what happened. Now, let’s play it out hypothetically.

Let’s say they replay the last 1:48 of the game. New Orleans gets the first down on 3rd and 10. Is there a serious guarantee they get in the end zone? Not at all. There were multiple opportunities for them to score seven points in that game and they could not capitalize. They had two touchdown drives and one of them was helped by an encroachment penalty on 4th and 2.

Would it be fun to see more football and see how it might have played out? Of course, it would be, but it won’t happen and if it does happen, we will never hear the end of it from Rams fan if they lose. Whatever the NFL does they can’t win so just take one L instead of a multitude of them.

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