Rams vs. Patriots. A story that began 17 years ago


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Los Angeles Rams

By: Joe Zollo

February 3, 2002. The Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Second-year Quarterback Tom Brady has just lead the Patriots from their own 17-yard line, down to the St. Louis LA Rams 30-yard line. The game now lies on the foot of the South Dakota State product, Adam Vinatieri. He kicks a 48-yard field goal, perfectly splitting the uprights and New England wins their first ever Super Bowl. We knew at the time that it was a special moment for Patriots fans, what we didn't know was that moment, that feeling, would continue on for close to two decades. 

The Rams had The Greatest Show on Turf that consisted of Issac Bruce and Torry Holt, along with Hall of Famers Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. The beginning of the Patriots dynasty turned out being the end of The Greatest Show on Turf.

Now, 17 years to the day, the Rams and Patriots will meet once again, this time in Atlanta, for a rematch of Super Bowl 36. Some people may call it a revenge game but the only people, on either team, who played or coached in that game were Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Jared Goff was just entering grade school while Tom Brady was winning his first Super Bowl.

Regardless of that fact, this could be a chance for the Rams to help put an end to the dynasty that started with their loss in Super Bowl 36. Gold jacket analysts Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk will surely be pulling for the Rams to win in this game but they may want to lean the other way. If New England wins, some people believe this to be the last hoorah for Belichick and Brady if they win. You can decide for yourself but I do not foresee that happening.

Whether New England wins or loses, neither Belichick nor Brady will be going anywhere. They were cemented as the best to ever do it after Super Bowl 51 and they could have ended their remarkable careers then and there. Both men are hungry competitors and want more and more. That energy and attitude is infectious and spreads to the entire team. That right there is a big reason why Sean McVay has his work cut out for him. 

The jokes of "if McVay has shaken your hand, then you can coach" may have to be put to rest if he beats the dynasty that the greatest coach of all time has created. He is the young phenom that every owner in the league is trying to find and clone but many forget he is across from the best to ever do it.

This time around, Brady will throw for more than 145 yards and 1 TD like he did in Super Bowl 36 but will also be playing against a better coaching mind in Sean McVay. This game will come down to defense and while New England's defense looks nothing like it did in 2002, it still has the same defensive mind behind the scheme and that is what makes this matchup scary for Los Angeles. 

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