Philly Listens To Trade Offers For Jimmy Butler


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The 76ers have just acquired Jimmy Butler this year, but that isn’t stopping them from considering trades for one of the top 10 shooting guards in the league. Philadelphia has a solid, young core, including the likes if Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Ideally, Philly would love to be able to add Butler to this core, signing him long term. A Butler contract extension seems to be the goal for the 76er front office, but completing this may prove difficult.     

Butler has joined Philadelphia and had moderate success so far, with Philly sitting in 4th in East with a record of 27-15. Butler is averaging 18.3 PPG and has produced well for the 76ers, but with Butler, usually comes extra baggage, which has just recently caught up to him.

Jimmy Butler and coach Brett Brown have recently had a verbal confrontation, with the outspoken Butler expressing some of his opinions on the team and how they operate on the court. The confrontation has been downplayed by the team, but the media covering the dispute highlight the negative vibes it will create around the idea of a contract extension for both parties.

Butler is a high level player, but comes with an ego. Butler left his previous team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, on shaky terms with some teammates and coaches. Butler was known to “do his own thing” in many cases, and wouldn’t hesitate to call out a player or coach if something was being done in a questionable manner. These characteristics will have to be considered by any team that is pursuing Butler. That being said, many teams understand this, and still want to risk it on Butler.

The LA Lakers, Rockets, and Celtics seem to be the only teams that are considering a trade, with each team trying to bolster their rosters en route to the postseason. It is understood that Boston would only finalize a deal with Butler if he was willing to extend his roster for at least another year, until the end of the 2019-20 season. Boston seems like the most likely to be able to make a move for Butler due to the options of trade assets that they have. Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, and Terry Rozier are all players that seem to be moveable for Boston, and one or two of them may interest Philadelphia as well.

With the trade deadline is just three weeks away, it will be interesting to see if Philly tries to cash in on Jimmy Butler, or if they stick with the All-Pro throughout this year, and hope he chooses to resign.

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