Offseason Updates On Nick Foles And Antonio Brown


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Nick Foles

Nick Foles Saga Begins

The Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles have went back and forth this offseason, with each party looking out for their own future. First, the Eagles decided to activate the $20 million option in Foles contract, bringing him back for his last year in his contract. Ideally, the Eagles wanted to have Foles back for one more year so that they would have the ability to trade him next season, instead of letting him walk for nothing this offseason. A day after the Eagles took this action, Nick Foles himself exercised a clause in his contract, allowing him to pay $2 million to the Eagles in exchange for the voiding of the final year in Philadelphia. The Eagles still have an option of putting the franchise tag on Foles, which would override the voiding by Foles. This would up the trade value of Foles. Look for this story to develop in the coming weeks.

Antonio Brown Trade Value In Question

Antonio Brown was back in the news last week, and for the wrong reasons. ESPN has reported on a police report on January 17th that involved Antonio Brown and the mother of his daughter. Just weeks prior, Brown had released a number of hinting social media posts, expressing his interest in playing for other teams in the NFL. These negative stories are starting to compound, and NFL execs are noticing. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on one executive quoted saying that his best offer for Antonio Brown would be a 6th round draft pick. This is not the best offer that the Steelers would receive, but there is no denying that the trade value of Antonio Brown has dropped over the past couple weeks. The off-field problems are becoming too common for Antonio Brown, and are looking as consistent as his performances on the field.

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