Nolan Arenado signs 8-year extension

By: Joe Zollo

Arguably the best 3rd baseman in baseball, Nolan Arenado, has signed an 8-year $260 million extension with the Colorado Rockies. This contract comes on the heels of Manny Machado signing his 10-year $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres. While Machado's was the largest ever in American sports history, Arenado's contract has the highest average annual value (AAV) in American sports history at $32.5 million. 

Arenado has been a Colorado Rockie his entire career and it seems the team wants him to stay until he retires. Going into his 7th season, Arenado will turn 28 and his contract will be up by the time he is 36 and the team has an option to opt-out after year three when he will be 31 years old. 

Nolan Arenado has won the Gold Glove Award at 3rd base every year he has been in the league, has been an all-star the last four seasons, and has finished in the Top 5 of MVP voting the past three seasons.

There is not a single phase of Arenado's game that is lacking. He has hit consistently over 35 home runs, hits in the .290's for his career batting average, and is a lock for 100+ RBI's every season. He may not be the household name like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, or Mookie Betts that casual fans may know, but Nolan Arenado is consistently one of the best players in baseball and he is worth every penny he just made.