Nick Bosa meets with Arizona Cardinals


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Arizona Cardinals

By: Joe Zollo

Many believe the number one overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft is already locked up by Oklahoma Quarterback, Kyler Murray. Murray has been linked to new Cardinals head coach, Kliff Kingsbury since he stated back before he was the head coach that if he had the number one overall pick, he would take Kyler Murray. Now, some aren't so sure. 

About four weeks before the draft, the Cardinals met with Ohio State Defensive End, Nick Bosa. Throughout most of the college football season, Bosa was projected to be the number one overall pick because of the sheer talent he brings to the table but once Kingsbury became head coach of the Cardinals and Murray declared for the draft, projections changed.

Bosa brings power and quickness to the table and gives teams a future elite pass rusher from what most scouts can see. This is one of the reasons the Cardinals would want to meet with him because they are playing with house money. They have the first overall pick so they can be as boisterous as they want to be. 

They can talk about wanting any player in the draft with no chance of a team taking them before their pick. It also gives them leverage to where, if a team believes they are taking the player they want, they might send the kitchen sink to Arizona for that first overall pick. 

My belief, Arizona will take Kyler Murray with the first overall pick and trade last years first round pick, Josh Rosen, to a team with an aging Quarterback. Kingsbury has raved too highly of this guy to not take him at #1. While I disagree with the decision if it is made, Arizona needs to roll the dice in multiple positions in order to set themselves up for success in the future. 

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