NFL Looking Into Making Pass Interference Reviewable


The NFL has announced that it is now looking to the possibility of making it possible to challenge pass interference penalties, or challenge a pissed penalty call.

This seems like a knee-jerk reaction by the league, who are responding to the results of the NFC Championship game. The Saints claim that the refs missed an obvious pass interference late in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship, costing them the game and ultimately, a trip to the Super Bowl.

Saints Coach Sean Payton was the most vocal about the missed call after the game, and had this to say,

“It was simple. They blew the call. It should never have not been a call. They said not only was it interference, it was helmet to helmet.”

Despite the outrage from everyone who is involved with New Orleans, making pass interference or missed interference calls reviewable may not be the solution to this problem.

ESPN Radio Host Colin Cowherd went on air, saying this in regards to the league’s consideration on a interference review rule change.

“Don’t Overreact”

Cowherd argued that the NFL was overreacting if they were seriously considering changing the current rules for pass interference, stating that a drastic change such as the one they are discussing would have much more negative implications than positive ones.

In many ways, he is right. A change in reviewing penalties would heavily alter the flow of the game. Coaches and players would quickly find ways to abuse this new rule, there would be even more review stoppages as there now, and in the end there would still be disputes.

Don’t expect any official rule change to take place just yet. The league has made very broad statements on the matter, and has taken no action in advancing an agenda to change the rules to reviewing a pass interference penalty, or a missed call.