Next Saquon Barkley? Take A Look At The Top 3 Running Back Prospects Of The 2019 NFL Draft


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NFL Draft

With many NFL rookie running backs like Saquon Barkley and Phillip Lindsay making major impacts in their first season, we are looking at the most exciting prospects of next year's draft at the running back position.

Number 3 : Josh Jacobs - Alabama

Josh Jacobs is a 5-10, 215 lb running back from Alabama. Jacobs has shown flashes of being a top running back in college, but often has had to share touches with multiple high level running backs in the crimson tide system. Jacobs thrives on his elusiveness between the tackles, often turning 4-5 yard gains into 10-15 gashes by making the second level linebackers miss.

Jacobs would make a great third down back in the NFL, and would be able to contribute and fight for touches on many current rosters. This is a raw talent who hasn’t reached his full potential yet, but can come in and produce immediately. Jacobs is currently being projected to be taken anywhere from the mid-fourth round to the late 6th round, so look for this player to be a steal for a team in the later rounds.

Number 2 : Benny Snell Jr. - Kentucky

Benny Snell Jr. is a 5’11, 225 lb junior running back out of Kentucky University. Snell Jr. is one of the most battle tested running backs of the 2019 class, posting three straight 1000+ rushing seasons in a physical SEC.

Snell Jr. was a huge part of the success Kentucky has had lately, registering 48 TDs and 3,871 rushing yards in three seasons. The team that drafts Snell Jr. will get a high powered, physical runner who knows the art of falling forward. Snell Jr. will rarely kill a defense with speed, but specializes in wearing down the opposition.

Snell Jr. would fit perfectly into a roster that can implement the unique physicality that he brings to the table. Currently, Snell Jr. is being projected to be drafted between rounds 3-5. Look for Snell Jr. to be a player that makes an impact his rookie season.  

Number 1 : Damien Harris - Alabama

The number one running back on our list is the second Alabama running back, and third SEC running back. Damien Harris is the standard for both categories, and is the most valuable running back prospect of this years draft by far.

Harris has been the main back at ‘Bama for a reason, and that is the special running style that he possesses. Harris has the ability to make a man miss, paired with breakaway speed that is hard to find with running backs nowadays. Many times, a running back of his size (5’11, 215) have the ability to be a good running back, but Harris has the speed and elusiveness to separate himself from the crowd.

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