New York Jets 2018 (Testing Season) Review


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New York Jets

New York Jets


4th AFC East

Grade : C+

The Jets entered the 2018 knowing that it would be a testing season. New York had drafted Sam Darnold with the 3rd pick overall in the 2018 draft, giving him the reigns of a very limited football team.

As expected, Darnold playing much like a rookie quarterback, and the Jets found little success all season. The Jets started as well as anyone could have hoped, going 3-3 in the first 6 games. They followed up this solid start by losing 6 games in a row, and closed out the season by losing 9 of the last 10.

The Jets looked decent when Sam Darnold was healthy, which is a positive sign for the Jets. Darnold has done enough in his rookie year to prove to he and the fans that he’s not a high draft pick bust. Darnold threw for 2,865 yards, 17 TDs, 15 INTs his rookie season, only missing three games due to injury.

The offseason has already been a busy one for the Jets. The front office has already hired a new head coach in the form of Adam Gase. Gase coached the Dolphins from 2016-2018, and is known to be a quarterback-minded coach who can get the best out of young QB’s. The Jets brought in Gase based off of the fact that he would be able to come in and put a system in place to make the job of young Sam Darnold that much easier.

Gase will have some money at his disposal as well. The Jets have made over $96 million available in cap space, and could be in the market for almost any of the big names. Reports suggest that the Jets are prioritizing the offense this offseason, as they attempt to give young Darnold the weapons he needs to succeed, with Le”veon Bell looking to be on the top of the target list for the Jets.

To add on to the cap space, the Jets also secured the 3rd overall pick in the 2019 NFl Draft, the second consecutive season picking third. Look for New York to take this opportunity to draft a solid defensive prospect, with Rashaan Gary out of Michigan or {{playerID-602|Josh Allen}} out of Kentucky fitting the bill.

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