New Orleans Saints get screwed... again


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New Orleans Saints

Keenum drops back. Uncorks the ball to the sideline in the area of Stefon Diggs. Diggs caught it... AND HE IS GOING TO SCORE THE GAME WINNING TOUCHDOWN! IT'S A MINNEAPOLIS MIRACLE!

That was the play that prevented the Saints from advancing to the NFC Championship in the 2017 NFL season. This season, there was another play that had a huge factor in why they did not make it to the Super Bowl but, this time, it wasn't on them. 

Let's cut right to the chase. The LA Rams beat the Saints with a field goal in overtime to advance to Super Bowl LIII, getting revenge on the team that beat them earlier this season. Losing definitely stings in the hearts of Saints fans but a big factor in why they lost will keep them fuming for years to come. 

3rd & 10 on the Rams 13 yard line. Brees lines up in a tight, shotgun formation with two receivers to each side with Tommylee Lewis to his right in the backfield. Los Angeles plays a man defense with double team help on Michael Thomas. Four man rush as Brees takes a calm three-step drop. He looks down the seam and quickly turns to the right sideline where Tommylee Lewis is running a wheel route out of the backfield. Nickell Robey-Coleman flies in on the coverage and nails Lewis right in the chest. Incomplete pass. 

Something was off though. Robey-Coleman was not playing the ball and never looked back. If, in fact, he had looked back, it might have been six points the other way as there was nobody standing between him and the green grass all the way to the locker room on the other end of the Superdome.

Something else that was strange was that Robey-Coleman was not ecstatic that he made that play. He looked around to make sure there was no yellow handkerchief that was thrown by the men dressed like zebras. There was not. The game moves on and New Orleans settles for three points. 

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints head coach, was livid on the sideline pleading his case to the referee but, as every athlete knows, it doesn't matter what you say. It's over. Nothing can change it. That's why it hurts to hear the NFL come out and say yes, the call on the field was wrong. It should have been defensive pass interference along with a helmet to helmet call. Both would have resulted in automatic first downs, putting New Orleans inside the 7-yard line.

Alas, this never came to fruition and now New Orleans has to wait another year for a Super Bowl run. Let's hope they don't get screwed once again next year by blind officiating. 

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