NBA Trade Rumors Rankings - Top 5 Players Who Are Talk of The Town in NBA World


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As the February 7 deadline is approaching the NBA Trade Rumors have started to increase. There are players who have been talk of the town for past some days now and Anthony Davis being one of them. But there are some other players as well who are likely to get a new uniform in the upcoming season of the NBA. For it seems that the bigger and bigger names litter the NBA Trade Rumors.

John Wall Washington Wizards

Though, there are contradicting reports coming out and the trade of John Wall is still uncertain. But he is making headlines for past few weeks now. He has been in out of the game due to illness and injury but his availability is always welcome for the Washington Wizards. But are we really going to see John Wall Say goodbye to Wizards? Well, as per the sources the New York Knicks are stocking up their young assets and are absolutely ready to get John Wall on board if Washington Wizards make Wall available in trade. Though, there has been no internal discussion on this trade but there is a belief that NYK would make a significant push for a Wall deal.

Jabari Parker, Chicago Bulls

Well, no one is counting Jabari Parker off the list. His connection with the team Chicago Bulls has been very patchy as he is still out of the team. The Bulls are managing to win matches even without him and that’s what making him sit on the bench even after recovering from the illness. He is available but not expected to play for the team and that’s what raising big questions. On the other hand, there is news going around that the Bulls are ready to trade Parker. He is one of the hottest names on the trade market for past few weeks now. Nothing is imminent at the moment but the Knicks are interested in trading for Chicago’s Jabari Parker.

Anthony Davis of New Orleans Pelicans

Well, who can count off Anthony Davis? He has been in the news for sometime thanks to the statement of LeBron James. As per our last post about Anthony Davis where we had a detailed analysis on his trade clearly reflects that it is still not sure which way Anthony Davis will go. When LeBron James made a comment on his saying that I would love to team up with the five-time All-Start, he had to face a lot of criticism for that. Because, Pelicans coach wasn’t so happy with the comment as he accused LeBron James of tampering. So, for this severe reaction it seems that Anthony Davis will stick to the Pelicans side. But if Pelicans wish to offer Davis then it would be the biggest contract in the league history next summer. So, what do you think of all this? Let us know in the comment section below and share your views.

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