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In the NBA world, with every passing day the trades are getting interesting. There is so much going around for the Los Angeles Lakers from LeBron saying “Davis would be amazing for Lakers” to trade of Brandon Ingram, the Los Angeles Lakers are making headlines for all the good reasons. We all know how the Los Angeles Lakers made the splash in the early stages of free agency. They were able to get LeBron James on board and now there are planning to get another exciting prospect? Can you guess who it is? Well, here is everything that you need to know about the NBA Trade Rumors Lakers 2019.

Los Angeles Lakers Will Probably Move Brandon Ingram

As the things are going so far it seems that Brandon Ingram could end up wearing a different uniform this time around. As per the league executives, the 21-year-old forward will not be playing for the Lakers who is a key part of the Lakers young core. One league executive said "(Ingram) will probably be traded at some point, whether it's for a second or third star.”

For those who don’t know, Ingram was selected with the second pick in the 2016 draft. But for now, the Lakers will definitely wait for the season to end so that they can give a final call. There is no doubt that the Lakers saw huge potential in Ingram and that’s why he was selected over Ben Simmons. He has shown glimpses of his potential but he hasn’t taken off yet and that’s what is problematic. He was playing so well before he was injured by suffering with a sprained ankle.

Is Anthony Davis Coming to Los Angeles Lakers?

After the loss to the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James told ESPN that it would be amazing if Anthony Davis makes his way to their side. Davis brings a lot to the table and that is why LeBron James heaps praises for the 25-year-old. Anthony Davis who is averaging 12.4 rebounds, 28 points, 4.7 assists, 2.8 blocks and 1.7 steals per game for a Pelicans team. He along with LeBron James can bring a spark to the Lakers squad. Davis has a player option for 2020-2021 worth $28.8 million.

Well, Davis is a 5-time All-Star and arguably one of the best players in the NBA. Though he is not like LeBron but his addition to the Lakers can really help LeBron and Lakers. Ever since LeBron James comment, it clearly feels like that there is something going on between Anthony Davis, LeBron James and the Lakers.



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