NBA Trade Rumors 2019 – Here’s Top Trending News for You


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So, the NBA Trade Rumors are getting interesting with every passing day. The experts are making their predictions about which team will get the top players? Well, here we are with the NBA top trending news for this month and that says a lot about the upcoming Trade. So, here we go with the NBA Trade Rumors 2019.

Detroit Pistons Interest In Trading for 76ers’ Markelle Fultz

As per the league source, there are chances that Detroit Piston will go for Fultz who has been one of the most complex and bizarre stories in all of sports over the years. It will be a gamble for sure and the No.1 overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2017 NBA draft can turn the tables for Detroit Pistons.

For now, the unpredictable player Fultz is injured and not in the game for 3 to 6 weeks because of thoracic and outlet syndrome. The last match he played was on Nov. 19. Well, he will have to make strong comeback to the NBA if he really wants to become a future prospect otherwise it could be very problematic for him. His shooting ever since his return to NBA is miserable and he has missed 68 games last season because of injury as well.

Washington Wizards Getting Enes Kanter

Well, this season was full of drama for the Washington Wizards. So, it would be an exciting trade for the Wizards as the contract of Enes Kanter is expiring now. New York Knicks trading Enes Kanter and getting John Wall and Troy Brown Jr. in return would be very beneficial for Wizards and for Enes Kanter as well. The Wizards are need to take a new start and that will start by forming a new players combination and getting started all over again.

Knicks Getting John Wall and Tory Brown Jr.

We all know how Knicks are famous for getting a new start all the time. The Knicks have a knack of giving star players in order to take a new start all the time. So, the expiring contract of Enes Kanter could prove profitable for them by trading him for John Wall and Troy Brown Jr.

Trade Between the Spurs and Mavericks

Well, the Spurs embrace the tank and they are getting Dennis Smith Jr. Wesley Matthews and also a 2021 second round pick. On the other hand, the Mavericks will be getting their hands on DeMar DeRozan. It was huge lose for the Spurs when a player like Dejounte Murray was lost in the preseason. If we see the points then the Mavericks are currently sixth in the points differential being seventh in the standings and the Spurs are 14th being 10th in the standings.

There are so many other trades going and we will be updating you about each and every update regarding the NBA Trade Rumors 2019. So, what do you think of the above listed rumors and expected trades? Well, let us know your views in the comment section below.

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