NBA Statistical Leaders Update Dec. 19: Harden, Drummond, Westbrook Lead Stat Columns


Points Leaders -

1st. James Harden - 26 GP - 36.3 MPG - 31.5 PPG  (9.4-20.8) FGM-FGA

The Houston Rockets are struggling so far this year, but don’t blame James Harden. Last year's MVP is dishing over 8 assists a game while leading the league in scoring, with an average of 31.5 points per game. Harden’s stats will tell you that 20 of those points are coming from either the three point line, or the free throw line, with another 9 points a game in transition. Look for Harden to be a frontrunner in the MVP and Scoring Champ race come the end of the season.

2nd. Kevin Durant - 31 GP - 35.6 MPG - 28.8 PPG (10.0-19.6) FGM-FGA

What is there to say about KD? The guy is a stud, always has been since he entered the league in 2007. This year, KD is on average to drop 28.8 points per game, a number that he hasn’t hit since the 13-14 season, when he had 32.0 PPG with OKC. Durant is getting to the line more than he ever has in his career with Golden State, and is shooting his FTs at the highest percent of his career.

3rd. Anthony Davis - 27 GP - 37.0 MPG - 28.0 PPG (10.1-20.0) FGM-FGA

It seems that ever since AD hit his stride in the 2014-2015 season, he has found a way to put his game into a progressive cruise control. The power forward is in his 7th year, all with the Pelicans. As a matter of fact, changing is something that seems rare when talking about Anthony Davis. His stats are practically identical when compared over the last three seasons. Davis averaged in three straight seasons including his stats this year; 28.0, 28.1, and 28.0. While still only being 25, AD is one of the top 3 talents in the league at the moment, and his career has yet to reach its peak.

Rebounds Leaders -

1st. Andre Drummond - 28 GP - 33.0 MPG - 15.5 RPG

After coming off of a monster rebounding year in 2017-2019, Andre Drummond has began his 18-19 year in similar fashion. Leading the league with 15.5 boards a game, Drummond has the Pistons sitting at .500 so far this year.

2nd. DeAndre Jordan - 29 GP - 31.2 MPG - 13.8 RPG

The Mavericks obtained the services of DeAndre Jordan to improve rebounding, and that is exactly what he has done thus far in his first season with Dallas. The big man is grabbing nearly 14 boards a game and is looking like a needed piece in a Mavericks side that may fight for a place in the wild Western Conference when crunchtime rolls around.

3rd. Joel Embiid - 31 GP - 34.0 MPG - 13.3 RPG  

The rise of Joel Embiid continues. Embiid posted 11 rebounds a game last year, and that number has risen to 13.3 already this season. His points are up from last year and his turnovers are down, proving that The Process is working.

Assists Leaders -

1st. Russell Westbrook - 21 GP - 34.0 MPG - 10.0 APG

The Brodie is at it again. He’s currently averaging a triple double and leading the league with 10 dimes a game. His efforts have the Thunder sitting pretty in the Western Conference, where they are currently in third place. His 17 assist performance against Brooklyn helped OKC completed the NBA season’s biggest comeback, and his consistency is bound to see OKC into the playoffs again this year.

2nd. Kyle Lowry - 29 GP - 34.2 MPG - 10.0 APG

Lowry and the Raptors are looking like the best team this year, and the addition of Kawhi Leonard has been a huge reason as to why. Kyle Lowry won’t be complaining, as he is averaging a career high 10 assists a game at the moment. Lowry has never averaged over 7.4, but this year, Toronto is possesses one of the higher powered offenses this season, and Lowry is flourishing. 

3rd. John Wall - 29 GP - 34.5 MPG - 8.8 APG

Washington may be having a disastrous season so far sitting at 12-19, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by All-Star John Wall’s numbers. Wall is averaging 21.3 points and a league 3rd-best 8.8 assists per game. Don’t count John Wall and the Wizards out of the playoff run in the East just yet.