Milwaukee Bucks continue to bolster their squad, sign Pau Gasol


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Milwaukee Bucks

The team with the NBA’s best record added another piece to their team on Friday when the Milwaukee Bucks added the vet Pau Gasol.

The 38 year-old Gasol is in his 19th season in the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs bought out Gasol’s contract on Thursday, allowing the big man to relocate before the postseason. Gasol was not involved in the plans in San Antonio, as the center played just 27 games this season, averaging 10 minutes per game. His playing time is expected to remain about the same, with the number of appearances likely to increase. Gasol has played in only half of the Spurs games in the month of February, and will be looking forward to a fresh start with the high flying Bucks.

Even though Gasol will not be expecting to put up the same numbers he has in the past, he adds a dynamic to the Bucks team that is much needed, and that is his championship experience. Milwaukee has proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the league this season, and as the number one team in the east as of now, they have to be considered as one of the favorites to make it out of the east and into the championship. Before Gasol was added to this team, it had plenty of talent, but that talent only goes so far in the postseason. The Bucks will need an experienced player, such as Gasol, when the playoffs come around, with the veteran adding smart and stable play that doesn’t take away from the flow that has already been established.

With yet another interesting acquisition, expect Gasol and the Bucks to be one of the team’s to beat in this season’s NBA playoffs.

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