Manny Machado Signs Record Deal with Padres

Manny Machado

On February 19, the San Diego Padres signed SS Manny Machado to the largest contract in American sports history. Machado signed a 10-year $300 million deal to be the shortstop for the suffering franchise. The last playoff appearance for the team came in 2006 where they lost in the Divisional Round and Machado is the hope to get them back into the playoffs and over the hump.

Machado was the 3rd overall pick in the 2010 draft and is currently in his prime at the age of 26. He is coming off one of his most productive seasons as a pro and it is only fitting he gets paid big. Nobody expected this type of payment for Machado as most expected it to be in the high $200 million range. 

Machado will join a team that has a slew of promising young prospects but still has to put it all together. The year-by-year details of Machado's contract have yet to be released but his average annual value (AAV) will be at $30 million. He now has the same AAV as Matt Ryan, QB of the Atlanta Falcons. 

Let's not forget either, Bryce Harper has yet to sign a deal with a team. So this raises the question of what he might make now? Will Harper look for the same deal as Machado or look towards an even bigger one as many consider him a Top 5 player in baseball. He is the same age as Machado and was taken 1st overall in the same draft as him. Soon enough we will know what the market has to offer for Bryce Harper but one thing is for sure, everyone's payroll just became much higher because of San Diego.