Le'Veon Bell inks multi-year deal with New York Jets


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Le'Veon Bell

By: Joe Zollo

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le'Veon Bell, has signed a 4 year deal with the New York Jets worth $52.5 million. This deal will give Le'Veon Bell the second highest average annual value (AAV) of all running backs in the league with Todd Gurley being the first. 

Bell was franchise tagged by Pittsburgh last season for the second straight year but elected to not play as he felt he deserved more money and wanted to have more guaranteed money for years to come. He was looking for job security at the age of 26 and that is what he received with the Jets but it was not how much he wanted heading into the offseason. 

Le'Veon reportedly wanted a record-setting deal to make him the highest paid RB of all-time. Since he believes he is a dual threat and can be seen as not only a running back, but a receiver as well, he deserves to be paid more money. The logic is there but no team was going to pay him the $17-$18 million per year he reportedly wanted.

What the New York Jets did was a fantastic move. They signed Bell to be in the backfield next to their young, 1st round Quarterback Sam Darnold. If a tight end is a QB's best friend then a versatile running back who can take it to the house or catch dump passes against a heavy rush is a close second and that's what Le'Veon Bell is.

Bell will now play under Adam Gase, who has shown he knows how to involve running backs in the passing game, which is only going to raise Le'Veon Bell's fantasy football value. Le'Veon is the first step in turning around this Jets franchise. They may not blow you away this season but there is definitely something to be happy about in the Big Apple.

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