Kyrie Irving Freaks Out on Teammates; Celtics Lose 4th Game in a Row


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Kyrie Irving

The Boston Celtics lost a home game to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night by a score of 97-92. The loss represents the fourth loss in a row for the Celtics, as they continue to sink in the standings as other teams in the east get stronger.

When the Celtics went down by nine early in the second half on Wednesday, Kyrie Irving was animated in his response. The Celtics starting point guard could be seen (and heard) throwing his hands in the air, pointing towards the court, expressing his displeasure with the performance of his teammates. It appeared that the lackluster season that the Celtics are having is taking its toll on the patience of Irving.

The guard didn’t leave his frustrations out on the court, but instead continued to express his disappointment when being asked questions postgame. When asked about the season, Irving was quoted saying that he “Can’t Wait” for it to end, adding that he wants to be playing at the highest level.

Irving has been the Celtics best player this season, and is averaging 23.6 points and 6.8 assists per game this season. Boston will need much more than Irving’s play when the postseason arrives. As of now, Boston sits in the fifth seed in the east, two and a half games behind the 76ers. Assuming Boston is unable to make the climb up to fourth place in the east, the Celtics would likely play either the 76ers or the Pacers in the first round. Expect a quick exit from the playoffs if the Celtics don’t make drastic changes before the conclusion of the regular season. Boston have been an abysmal 14-16 on the road this season, and would be without home court advantage if they are unable to reach the fourth position by the end of the season.

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