It's Official, Kyler Murray will attend the NFL Combine


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It's official. Kyler Murray will attend the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, which begins on February 26th. For those unaware on why this is big news, Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics of the MLB with the 9th pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. 

Murray's decision to enter the NFL draft came in mid-January but he just recently announced he will be attending the combine. All the speed and finesse he has is something one could only dream of, but does that mean he can be successful at the next level?

Let's start with his on-field stuff. Lightning quick and speed for days. Not something you normally hear on a scouting report for a Quarterback. We have seen QB's that can run be successful at the next level, the most prominent being Michael Vick and some newcomers like Lamar Jackson. The big difference between them and Murray, their arms.

Kyler Murray does not have an arm like Lamar Jackson and cannot even sniff the strength of Michael Vick's arm. Another thing that goes against Murray is his size. Kyler is listed at 5'10 (which is a stretch in my opinion) while Vick is 6'0 and Lamar Jackson is 6'2. You could argue that guys like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, two undersized QB's, have succeeded in the league but their difference is they can throw the ball from the pocket with a great arm. Murray can't do that.

Now, let's talk about his off the field stuff. I don't know much about Murray's past but I do know how he presents himself in front of the media and it is not great. In an interview with Dan Patrick during Super Bowl week, Murray was asked by Patrick if he has decided on if he is going to the NFL Combine (at the time he was undecided). Murray sat there awkwardly, waited a few moments, and said: "I don't know." 

That's it? That is all you are going to say? That is how you want to represent yourself in front of prospective employers where everyone is going to be asking you that same questions till you make a decision? He acted like a child on air for the rest of the interview and it was cringe-worthy to watch. His interviews with teams could go completely different but we will see come the combine.

As of right now, I slot Murray no higher than a 3rd round talent. He has some incredible abilities but does not have it all there just yet, but in a Quarterback driven league, his value should not drop lower than the 3rd round. Would I be surprised to see him taken earlier? Of course not. But, whoever does, will regret it and set their franchise back three years. 

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