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NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft a little over a month away, teams are eyeing their draft boards looking for the top talent to help their team. While all positions on the team are important, a franchise quarterback is crucial to building a championship roster. Let's take a look at the top five quarterbacks coming out in this year's draft.

Kyler Murray (Oklahoma)
After an impressive showing at the NFL Combine, Murray is likely to be the top quarterback taken in the draft and top overall pick. At 5' 10" and 195 pounds, many see Murray as too small to play under center. Therefore, a shotgun set and an offense built around his skill set would be in order. However, he he excellent agility and mobility and runs a 4.6 in the 40 yard dash.

Murray thrived in his lone season as starting quarterback for Oklahoma. He threw for 4361 yards and 42 touchdowns with only seven interceptions. At 69 percent completion rate, Murray displayed great accuracy and solid arm. On top of that, Murray rushed for 1001 yards only 140 attempts and 12 touchdowns last season, making him a threat to make plays on the ground.

Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State)

Haskins completed 70 percent of his passes last season for 4831 yards and 50 touchdowns. Those numbers are certainly impressive and Haskins did well at interviews and in the combine. He has good size at 6' 3" and 220 pounds with a strong arm and the ability to become a good quarterback in the pocket.

While his overall stats last season were eye-opening, Haskins did have some inconsistent stretches and struggled at times with securing the football. Haskins must improve his decision-making and be quicker to pull the trigger. With a 40 time around 4.8, he isn't the most elusive of quarterbacks, but has the size to hang in then pocket and strength to break some tackles. Perhaps an extra season at Ohio State would have helped, but Haskins is still projected to be a first round pick.

Drew Lock (Missouri)

Last season Lock threw for 3498 yards and 28 touchdowns, while being intercepted eight times. He also added six touchdowns on the ground. There were some inconsistent times, such as his three-interception game against Alabama, but Lock was mostly solid with excellent poise and confidence.

Lock's stock rose at the Senior Bowl and scouts indicated his arm was very good, able to make all the tough throws required by an NFL quarterback. Although not extremely fleet of foot with a 40 time around 4.8, Lock is athletic and smart. He comes across as quiet and likely wont be a vocal leader, but will let his playing on the field do all his talking.
Lock has good size at 6' 3" and 223 pounds and is projected to land somewhere in the first round.

Daniel Jones (Duke)

Jones stands out with his excellent size at 6' 5" and 220 pounds. Last season, he completed 61 percent of his passes for 2674 yards and 22 touchdowns. For a big man with excellent arm strength, Jones also displayed touch on throws downfield. His size also enables him to stand in the pocket and while Jones likely wont be a big rusher, he has enough quickness to buy time.

His lankiness makes his delivery somewhat elongated, which must be shortened, but Jones is a very intelligent quarterback who has a good field presence and knack for knowing where his receivers are.

Jones, once though of to possibly be top quarterback selected, has dropped a bit, but still projected to land in the first round.

Ryan Finley (N.C. State)
Finley does many things very well that project him to be a good NFL quarterback. He showed consistency, completing 67 percent of his passes last year for 3928 and 25 touchdowns. Finley make good decisions and is a competent at managing a game, limiting turnovers.
Despite solid size at 6' 4" and 208 pounds, Finley lacks the arm strength at the moment to make all the throws. He will have to improve on those limitations. Having said that, Finley has enough mobility that if he improves his strength can be a solid NFL quarterback. He's projected to be a second or third round selection.

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