Kareem Hunt suspended eight games by the NFL


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Kareem Hunt

By: Joe Zollo

On March 15th, the NFL came down with their suspension on Kareem Hunt. Hunt was released late last season by the Kansas City Chiefs when a video surfaced of him kicking a woman multiple times and was facing charges. At the time, nobody signed Hunt after his release as the NFL has suspended him indefinitely but have now decided on the exact length of the decision.

Kareem Hunt will start 2019 on the bench for eight games and his suspension includes no pay. Not long after the ruling came out, Hunt's agent, Dan Saffron, released a statement saying that Hunt will not appeal the suspension and will respect the NFL's ruling. With this decision, Hunt will lose out on just over $300,000 of his $645,000 base salary. 

Earlier this year, Hunt was signed to a one year contract with the Cleveland Browns, a team that has loaded up since the NFL year began for 2019. They already have their franchise QB in Baker Mayfield, two standout receivers in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr., and now they have a two-headed monster of a backfield with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, beginning after his suspension of course.

The Browns odds to win the Super Bowl have already gone up since the Odell Beckham trade but now, with this ruling stating Hunt can come back after eight games, I would not be surprised to see their odds of winning rise due to the lethality of Kareem Hunt. Beware of the Cleveland Browns.

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