Kareem Hunt Signed By Cleveland Browns


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Kareem Hunt

The Cleveland Browns announced on Monday that they had signed former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt. The future of Kareem Hunt has been in question ever since an off the field incident led to his release from the Chiefs roster. Hunt is expected to miss at least a third of next season’s games, as the NFL has yet to announce a punishment for his off the field incidents.

Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey played a huge part in bringing Hunt to Cleveland. Dorsey took over the GM job in Cleveland in late 2017, and the team has been on the incline ever since. John Dorsey was the GM at Kansas City when Hunt was drafted to the Chiefs, and was one individual in the Browns front office that wanted Hunt in Cleveland. Dorsey expressed his opinion on Kareem Hunt, stating that “We believe he deserves a second chance”. Dorsey was a part of the Kansas City front office that decided to draft Hunt in the 2017 draft, as the two reunite in Cleveland.

The addition of Kareem Hunt will add a lightning quick dynamic to the young Browns offense. The Browns already had a very exciting backfield of Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson, but Hunt adds a quicker, more elusive option at running back. In just 27 NFL games, Hunt has rushed for 2,151 yards and 15 TDs, as well as racking up 833 receiving yards and 10 receiving TDs. Kareem Hunt has only been in the NFL for two seasons, so the potential that this kid has is quite unlimited. With playmakers like Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, and Baker Mayfield, this Browns offense could be one to watch for in the 2019-20 NFL season.

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