Johnny Manziel released by the Montreal Alouettes


By: Joe Zollo

Former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Johnny Manziel, has been released by the Montreal Alouettes, a Canadian Football League team. Manziel was a first round pick in 2014 and was supposed to be the future of Cleveland Browns football. Then again, so were the multitude of quarterbacks that came before him.

Montreal has terminated the contract of Manziel for violating the terms of said contract. The strange thing that we have not found more information on is that he is not allowed to sign with any other team in the CFL. The reasons are just explained as he violated the terms of his contract and can no longer play in the league for a certain period of time. 

Now, a return to the NFL is completely unlikely for Manziel but there is a current league, and one popping up, that should go after the former college standout.

The American Alliance of Football (AAF) is moving into their halfway point in their inaugural season and their ratings have been decent outside of Week 1 where they were the highest. The thing that the AAF is lacking is big names that people want to watch or that people can relate to. Bringing in Manziel will conjure up a huge buzz around the league and will make more people want to watch the games just to see how Manziel will do.

Another league that will begin play next season is the XFL. A revival of the former league is happening and, if they want to get more eyes on the league before they even start, adding Johnny Manziel to a roster will be the best thing they could do. Manziel could play like crap but it wouldn't matter. The name "Johnny Manziel" makes people want to watch to either see him succeed or fail at another high level of football. 

Regardless of these leagues, I am intrigued by why Manziel can no longer play in the CFL. What was the thing that he did that made not just the team release him, but the league ban him from signing with any other team? Follow along with this developing story because it's just another intriguing story in the legacy of Johnny Manziel.