Injury Updates : James Harden & Steph Curry might not be 100% in Game 3


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James Harden

Injury Updates : James Harden & Steph Curry might not be 100% in Game 3

Game 2 saw the Warriors jump out to a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals. In addition this game also saw a superstar from each team have to leave the game with an injury. We take a look at the injury updates on James Harden and Steph Curry as Game 3 is just days away.

James Harden (Eye)

The injury report is positive for James Harden, who is expected to be back to 100% by Game 3. Harden suffered an injury to both eyes in Game 2, forcing the guard to miss extensive minutes in the first quarter of his last game. Harden claimed that the injury had compromised some of his vision, but reports suggest that this vision problem will be cleared up by Saturday’s Game 3.

Harden has been one of the playoffs most deadly scorers, averaging 29.0 points per game so far. Expect one of his biggest scoring outputs in Game 3, as the Rockets need to avoid going down 3-0 to Golden State in this series.

Steph Curry  (Disclosed Finger)

When Steph Curry injured his hand in Game 2 against the Rockets, all of Golden State held its breath. Curry was soon back on the floor to the relief of many fans, but his performance was below par. The guard shot 3-13 from three-point range, but was able to put up 20 points.

After the game, pictures on social media surfaced of Curry’s finger looking jacked up as it was tilted unnaturally. Luckily, the injury was not as bad as it looked. Curry was able to avoid breaking the finger, as his injury has been diagnosed as a dislocated finger. To add to the fortune, the finger happens to be on his non-shooting hand, categorizing this as a non-severe injury.  

When asked about the injury, Curry was clear that he did not expect to miss any game time because of this injury. When asked about what the injury will mean going forward Curry said the following, “Just gotta deal with pain and hopefully, before Saturday, that goes away and will be fine”.

Curry is averaging 23.3 points per game in the playoffs this season, but will have to adjust quickly to his injured left hand, as his injury has the potential to negatively affect his shot going forward in this series. With Game three taking place in Houston on Saturday, Curry and the Warriors will have a couple extra days to heal up and rest for a huge Game 3 matchup.

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