Houston Texans 2018-19 Season Review


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Texans Season Review


The Texans are bounced from the playoffs by Divisional rivals Colts at home in Houston, and their season comes to an abrupt end. After winning the division, the Texans will be kicking themselves for not taking advantage of a winnable AFC. Out of the young quarterbacks, it seemed that Deshaun Watson would be the guy to break through this year, and show out in the playoffs. In the end, Watson and the Texans were outplayed by a savvy Andrew Luck.

This Texans team had the potential to make a postseason run this year. Their offense was finding its identity, becoming a team that could move the ball either through the air or on the ground. Lamar Miller provided Houston with a workhorse type back, carrying the majority of the load this season, and producing the goods for the Texans. Miller ended with 973 rushing yards, with second string back Alfred Blue throwing in 499 rushing yards of his own. The rushing attack was topped off by Deshaun Watson, who ran for 551 yards himself this season.

Watson also built on the chemistry established his rookie year with wide out DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins was one of the league's best receivers this year, and had 11 TDs with 1,572 yards to prove it. Deep threat speedster Will Fuller V went out early in the season with a knee injury, calling on Hopkins to produce this season, and he did.

Defensively, the Texans may have hit their peak. They will now have to sort out a number of free agent liabilities, and decide if they want to pay aging players a large amount of money. The Texans received such a shallow grade because of the opportunity they left on the table this season, compared what they could have done with such a capable defense and dangerous offense.

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