Earl Thomas Set To Test Free Agency After Seahawks Loss


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Earl Thomas

All-Pro safety Earl Thomas missed most of this season with a broken leg, but that doesn’t seem to have had much effect on his free agency stock. Thomas looks to be one of the most desired players on the free agency market during the 2019 offseason, but where could Earl end up?

The Favorites : The Dallas Cowboys

Earl Thomas had made it clear before the 2018 season that he wanted out of Seattle. The Cowboys heard this, and were actively pursuing a trade that would bring Thomas to Dallas this season. Obviously, this never happened, and Thomas went on to get injured, resulting in Seattle having to hold on to the untradbale Earl Thomas.

Following the Cowboys season, watch for Earl Thomas and the Dallas front office to be in touch again. The Cowboys could use the boost to their secondary, and Thomas had already been vocal about wanting to play ball in Texas. Look for Dallas to be huge players in the market for Earl Thomas.

The Connection Choice : The San Francisco 49ers

One up and coming team that could offer Earl Thomas the type of contract that he would be looking for is the San Francisco 49ers. Many media outlets, including bleacher report, are heavily leaning towards Earl Thomas choosing to reunite with ex-Seattle teammate Richard Sherman. Sherman and Thomas manned the dominant Seattle secondary that went to back to back Super Bowls. Don’t rule out a move by the 49ers to acquire the lock down services of Earl Thomas.  

The Dark Horse : The Cleveland Browns

That’s right, don’t look so shocked. Although it's not a huge one, the Browns have a shot at getting Earl Thomas this offseason. Cleveland will have enough to offer Earl Thomas, and he would fill a hole that is in desperate need of filling at the moment. If Cleveland was to pick up Thomas, they would become one of the more interesting teams out of the AFC. If Earl Thomas is looking for a challenge, don’t be too shocked if he ends up in Cleveland this offseason.

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