Cincinnati Bengals 2018 Review , 6-10,  AFC North


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Cincinnati Bengals


AFC North

Grade : D-

The Bengals are in the running for the “most disappointing second half of the season” team. Cincinnati started the season well, going 5-3 through 8 games. This was when the fun ended for Bengals fans. The team went on to lose the next 5 games, and ended the season going 1-2 in the last 3 games to end the season at an abysmal 6-10. The Bengals lost every divisional game but one, leading to the worst season for the Bengals in the division in over a decade.

2019-20 Season Outlook

The Bengals 2019 season seems to be riding on the decisions that will be made this offseason. One of the few positives that the Bengals have going for them into free agency season is the cap space available. Reports have suggested that the Bengals will have $47 million in cap space going into the summer. This is enough to rank them 9th in the league for the most cap available, and they will need to put that money to work.

The Bengals were able to identify a couple young studs in 2018 as well. Joe Mixon impressed in his second season, rushing for 1,186 yards, enough to rank him 4th in the league. Mixon added on 8 TDs, and proved that he can be the go-to back for the Bengals for seasons to come. 3rd year wideout Tyler Boyd also had his breakout season, outperforming All-Pro teammate AJ Green this season. Boyd caught 76 passes for 1,068 yards and 7 TDs, leading the Bengals in all three categories.

2019 might be the time to reconsider the role of Andy Dalton. Dalton registered his 3rd lowest completion percentage in 2018-19, and seems to be regressing. With quarterbacks available in the draft and free agency, look for Cincinnati to consider adding some competition to the quarterback position this offseason.

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