Chandler Parsons Falls Out With Memphis, Likely To Be Traded


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The Memphis Grizzlies front office and Chandler Parsons have agreed to part ways, with the organization beginning to shop the player around in search of a trade before next month’s deadline.

Parsons is in his eighth year in the league, and has proven that he can be a consistent scorer, but the forward has struggled with injuries most of the last four seasons. Parsons has played just three games this year for the Grizzlies after a knee injury kept him sidelined until late December.

After Parsons was cleared to play, there seemed to be a misunderstanding between the player and the organization. The Grizzlies are reported to have preferred Parsons play a number of games in the G League with the Memphis Hustle, which was not preferred by Parsons, who wanted to step right into the starting line up. The Grizzlies and head coach J.B. Bickerstaff have made it clear that the team has no intention on including Parsons in the lineup, creating a situation that makes a trade likely.

Finding a trade partner for Parsons won’t be easy. For one, Parsons hasn’t played in more than 60 games in a season since 2015-16. The 6’9 forward has had knee and ankle problems, which make him a liability going forward. He would also be a large financial investment. Parsons signed a max deal for his position, and will be owed $25 million next year. If Memphis want to move Parsons, look for them to consider sending out a first round pick with Parsons to sweeten the deal.

Chandler Parsons is still a valuable trade asset, and many playoff contenders have been rumored to be considering making a trade for the scorer, including the Raptors and the Knicks. Memphis is on the fringes of the playoffs in the western conference, so trading Parsons has the ability to make or break this season for the Griz.

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