NBA Trade Rumors:Cavs Considering Trading Kevin Love Before Trade Deadline


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When it comes to Kevin Love, there are two things that are certain. Number one, Love will be a free agent after the season. Number two, Love will not be resigning with the Cavaliers.

It is no mystery that Kevin Love won’t be returning to the Cavs next season. With LeBron leaving last summer, the Cavaliers were bound to take a huge dip in performance. The Cavs did experience a dip, and are one of the worst teams in the East, with Love stuck in Cleveland forced to ride out one more year on his contract. Lucky for Love, there are plenty of teams who are looking for mid-season reinforcements, and Love offers high level rebounding and shooting to go along with his experience.

Love is currently averaging 19 points and 13.5 rebounds a game in the 2018-19 season, with only four games played in this season so far. With Love leaving in the Summer anyway, Cleveland is considering trade offers for Love, trying to get some assets in exchange for his productive play. Cleveland is only looking for young assets and draft picks in exchange for Love, as the post-LeBron rebuild continues.

There are some big teams who are rumored to be interested in trading players for Love, including the Trailblazers, LA Lakers, and Rockets. The Lakers and Trailblazers are keen on adding shooters to their squads. Both teams are lacking a knockdown three point shooter, with the Lakers in 26th place in the league in three point shooting. Houston relies heavily on the three ball, and would love to get Kevin Love in their system. Love would offer a terrific option as a stretch four that could play the five position when they run with their “small” lineup.

Regardless of his destination, look for K-Love to be on the move before the trade deadline in early February, with him making a big impact wherever he lands.

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