Breaking NBA Trade rumors: Spurs Makings Moves For Kristaps Porzingis


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The New York Knicks are struggling, and their superstar Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t approve. Porzingis is in line to be a free agent this summer, and it looks all but certain that he will not be returning to the Knicks after this season. Even though free agency is about 5 months away, the San Antonio Spurs seem to be jumping the gun on acquiring, with rumors arising of a possible trade before next months deadline. Porzingis averaged 22.7 points and 6.6 rebounds a game last season.

With San Antonio sitting mid-table in the western conference, coach Pop and the San Antonio may be looking to acquire additional firepower. The San Antonio roster is aging, and could use another creative player that has the ability to create his own shot. In a western conference that seems to only get better each year, the Spurs need to make a big move to acquire a big name, and Porzingis might be their guy.

To pull off a trade this big, the Spurs would have to pay up. San Antonio only has two bargaining chips, Pau Gasol and Demar DeRozan. If New York was to trade for DeRozan, it would take up a significant part of their salary, a salary that they were planning on splashing in next year’s breathtaking free agent pool. On the other hand DeRozan has a long term contract, giving New York that proven all star player that they so desperately need. Moving DeRozan would be a very risky move, but Porzingis is young, and has shown the ability to be consistently effective in this league.

Gasol may be an effective player to use in a three team trade, if the Spurs were to trade for Porzingis. Gasol is aging, and has a large contract that blocks the possibility for another max player at the small forward position to come in, a.k.a. the position of Porzingis.

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