BREAKING : Antonio Brown trade update; Reports suggest Bills are close to deal, Brown says “Fake News”


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Antonio Brown

Big news in the Antonio Brown saga today as multiple high level reports have suggested that the Buffalo Bills are closing in on a deal that would see brown join the Bills in the coming days. ESPN’s Ian Rapoport and are two big sources among the numerous outlets pushing the “Brown to Buffalo” agenda.

Since reporting this news in the early Friday morning hours, there has been some backlash, especially from the man himself.

At exactly 12:32, Ian Rapoport of ESPN tweeted “From our breaking news segment in the wee hours of Friday morning: The #Bills are working to trade for #Steelers WR Antonio Brown. There are things to work out, but the deal is close to being done”.

Antonio Brown took just minutes to respond, tweeting back at Ian Rapoport from his official account, “Fake News”. Very interesting to say the least.

Brown is going to be moved by the end of the offseason, but the Buffalo Bills were not on the list of teams who were considered to be in the running for Brown. Nonetheless, it would appear as if there are some legitimate negotiations going on between the Steelers and the BIlls.

It should be noted that Antonio Brown has absolutely no say in where he can and cannot be traded. That being said, it is very unlikely that the Bills would trade significant assets for a player who is not willing to play for the Buffalo organization. Keep up to date with to follow up on all the breaking news on this topic and much more.

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