Big news for Browns : Kareem Hunt to miss just 8 games next season


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Kareem Hunt

Multiple NFL insiders are reporting big news out of the Kareem Hunt camp, claiming that the running back will be suspended for just eight games next season.

The Browns were able to acquire Hunt after the Chiefs released the 23-year-old running back following an off-the-field incident involving Hunt. Experts had speculated that Hunt may miss up to a whole season, but his first offender status has affected the ruling, allowing Hunt to return to the field after eight games next season.

This ruling seems to be the best case scenario for the Cleveland Browns. The news comes just days after the Browns were able to make a blockbuster trade for Odell Beckham Jr.. With the addition of Hunt and Beckham Jr. to the exciting young foundation in Cleveland, the Browns are beginning to look like a scary team out of the AFC North.

Hunt has been unstoppable when he has been on the field. In just two seasons with the Chiefs, Hunt was able to accumulate 2,151 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns from 453 carries, averaging 4.7 with each carry. Hunt was a weapon in the air as well, catching 79 passes for 833 yards and 10 more touchdowns through the air. His dual-threat characteristics made Hunt one of the most productive players at the running back at his position. Baker Mayfield will be given yet another high octane weapon that will free up his passing game even more. Hunt will join a very capable backfield that features the dynamic running styles of Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson. Expect huge numbers from the Browns next year, and for years to come. Cleveland has stock-piled a number of dangerous, young weapons on the offensive end that are bound to produce big results next season.

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