Arizona Cardinals 2018 Review and Outlook


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Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals


4th NFC West

Grade : C-

It was a rough 2018 season for the Cardinals and their fans. Arizona quickly shot down any expectations coming into the season, opening up 0-4. Rookie quarterback Josh Rosen was given 13 starts to get under his belt, with the young QB only producing 3 wins all season. The Cardinals were ravished by injuries in 2018, with the organization placing 6 starters on the IR by the end of the season.

2019-20 Season Outlook

The Cardinals have a few things going for them entering the 2019-20 season. First off, their young quarterback Josh Rosen has shown that he has the ability to bounce back. Rosen had a trying rookie season as he was thrusted into the starting role before he was ready. Rosen threw for 2.278 yards and 11 TDs in his rookie season after taking for an 0-3 Sam Bradford. Newly appointed Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury has verbally supported Rosen going forward, indicating that Rosen would return as the starter in Arizona despite the bumpy rookie season. Look for this early experience to benefit Rosen in the long run.

The Cardinals also have the rights to the first overall pick of the 2019 Draft. Ohio State defensive end and pass rusher Nick Bosa has been projected to go #1 overall in the draft, leaving the Cardinals with decisions to be made. Arizona already has a world class pass rusher in Chandler Jones, so what to do with the best pick of the draft? It looks like the Cardinals have narrowed their options down to two choices, One - trade down the draft to a team looking for a pass rusher. Bosa will be highly sought after, especially after the special season that young T.J. Watt had with the Steelers. Nick Bosa looks like he is ready to make a contribution next year, with many teams willing to trade the Cardinals high quality assets for a chance to draft Bosa.

If the Cardinals decide to keep the #1 pick, look for the organization to draft defensive talent.

The defense in Arizona is missing backers and interior linemen. Two defensive tackles, Ed Oliver and Quinnen Williams, are expected to both be drafted within the top 5 picks. Either of these players would represent a special young talent in a position that needs upgrading in Arizona.

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