Antonio Brown Posts Instagram Picture In 49ers Jersey


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Antonio Brown

(link to Antonio Brown’s Instagram)

“When The Goat Embrace You” was the caption of an image that was posted to Antonio Brown’s official Instagram account on Thursday night. The image shows Antonio Brown in a home 49ers jersey with his “Brown 84” on the back. AB is shaking hands with a smiling Jerry RIce in the photo, creating yet another link to San Francisco. Jerry Rice has been on record saying that he’s had conversations with Brown, and that the wideout wants to play for San Francisco.

Even though the photo is edited, it still represents yet another indication that Antonio Brown will not be in a Pittsburgh Steeler jersey for the first game of the 2019 season. The post comes after a series of events led to a falling out between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the All-Star wideout Antonio Brown. The interaction is not the first link that Brown has had with the 49ers either. In the beginning of January, Antonio Brown and 49ers starting tight end George Kettle having a cryptic back and forth on twitter, with AB posting a heart-eyed emoji in response to Kettle’s simple “sup?” message.

If Antonio Brown does get his way and gets out of Pittsburgh this offseason, he had to be considered one of the greatest ever Steeler. Despite the sour breakup, Brown has never had an unproductive season for the Steelers. Last season, Brown recorded 104 catches for 1,297 yards and 15 TDs, leading the league in receiving TDs. These stats are floating around what Antonio Brown typically averages a season. Brown has 11.207 receiving yards and 74 TDs in 9 season with the Steelers, leading the league in receiving yards twice in that span, once in 2014 (1,698 yards), and again in 2017 (1,533 Yards). Brown is just 876 receiving yards and 11 TDs away from being the all time Pittsburgh Steeler leader in both stats, with Hines Ward currently number one in both.

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