5 Craziest Prop Bets For Super Bowl LIII


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The Super Bowl one of the most viewed sporting events of the year, and sportsbooks want to get as many people involved as possible. This season, sportsbooks have went above and beyond, giving users the options to place wagers on nearly anything you can think of. We compiled the 6 craziest prop bets that we found available for Super Bowl LIII, via Bovada.lv

  1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been highly controversial since taking office, but the bookies have included him in a number of prop bets for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl takes place on February 3rd, and sportsbooks have given users an option on betting on the number of tweets sent out by President Donald Trump that day.

Trump is a supporter of Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady, but will likely send out a tweet regardless of who wins.

The OVER/UNDER for “Total Donald Trump Tweets On February 3rd”

(Over 6: -130)    (Under 6: -110)

In addition, users can also put a wager on Trump attending the game.

(YES : +400) (NO : -700)

  1. Adam Levine

Adam Levine will be performing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, so bookies made sure to offer plenty of action for those who wanted to bet on Levine.

What will the predominant color of Adam Levine's top at the start of the halftime show?
(Black : -170) (Any Other Color : +130)
Will Adam Levine be wearing a hat at the start of the halftime show?
(Yes : +155) (No : -220)

Will Big Boi and Adam Levine Perform Mic Jack at Halftime?
(Yes : -400) (No : +250)

  1. Romo

Tony Romo was a well known quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but recently he’s been making a name for himself as a broadcaster. In the AFC Championship game, Romo accurately predicted roughly 4 offensive plays, calling out what would happen before the play (example, Brady is going to throw a fade to Gronk, etc).

Sportsbooks have seized on this opportunity, and offered the following prop bet.

“How Many Plays Will Tony Romo Correctly Predict Ahead Of The Play?”

(UNDER 7.5 : EVEN) (OVER 7.5 : -140)

We think this number is a little high, so we’d take the under. There is no way that the producers would encourage such predictions by Romo, so keep an eye out for this one.

  1. Gatorade

The Famous scene of so many Super Bowls is the Gatorade bath that the coach gets after the game.

This year, you can bet on what color that liquid is. How crazy is that? Take a look at our number two craziest prop bet of this year’s Super Bowl.

“What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game winning Coach?”

(Lime/Green/Yellow : +225)

(Orange : + 300)

(Red : + 400)

(Blue : +375)

(Clear/Water : +400

(Purple : +1000)

Lime/Yellow Gatorade comes into the Super Bowl as the most likely color to be poured on the winning coach, with Purple Gatorade coming in as the heavy underdog. This bet is very interesting because of the profit potential it has. If you can get this one right, you could easily double, triple, or even 10x your money!

  1. Super Bowl MVP Mentions

The sportsbooks not only want you to bet on the game, but they want you to take part in the postgame happenings as well. Sportsbooks are now offering odds on who the Soon-to-be Super Bowl LIII MVP will mention first in his speech after receiving his award.

“Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech?”

(Teammates : +160)
(God : +190)
(City : +850)
(Coach : +1000)
(Owner : +1200)
(Family Or Family Member : +400)
(Does Not Mention Any Of The Above : +400)

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