3 Reasons why Thielen’s $64 million extension is bad business for the Vikings


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3 Reasons why Thielen’s $64 million extension is bad business for the Vikings

On Friday, it was announced that the Minnesota Vikings and wide receiver Adam Thielen had agreed to a monster contract extension. The extension agreed to add four years and $64 million dollars to Thielen contract. The move makes Thielen the sixth highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, paying the five-year wide out $16 million annually. But with only two 1,000+ yard seasons to his resume, was this the best way to spend your money if you’re the Vikings? Today, we look at the top three reasons as to why this contract extension is bad business for the Vikings

Receiver funds are short in Minnesota

With the new extension for Thielen completed, the Vikings will now owe their top two receivers a combined $30 million each year. Only Jarvis Landry and ODell Beckham earn more as a wide receiver pair on the same team. This makes many Vikings fans wonder if this is the best way to spend that money. Typically, teams will choose one star at the wideout position to invest in, but the Vikings have taken the risk and signed up two high dollar receivers. Only time will tell if the move pays off for the Vikings, who will need a monster season from quarterback Kirk Cousins if their investments are going to pay off.

Loaded 2019 Draft Class

The college game is advancing every season. Each year, the quality of players from college seems to go up. This season, their are a number of high level prospects at the wide receiver position. Players like D.K. Metcalf, Marquise Brown, N’Keal Harry, and Deebo Samuel have all looked like players who can step up and make an immediate impact at the NFL level. Rookies like this would offer such a high potential for much less money than what was offered to Thielen.

Defensive needs come first  

The Vikings had one of the best defenses in the league last season, but was still unable to make the playoffs. Minnesota has since lost one of their best defensive players, with Anthony Barr moving to New York to play for the Jets. This money spent on Theilen could have and should have been invested earlier in the offseason on a strong defensive player. This would have filled the gap left by Barr instead of putting money into an already solid receiving core.

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