3 Reasons why the Seahawks will regret paying Russell Wilson $140 Million


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Russell Wilson

3 Reasons why the Seahawks will regret paying Russell Wilson $140 Million

The Seattle Seahawks have locked down veteran quarterback Russell Wilson for the next four years. The deal is reportedly worth $140 million, and includes a $65 million signing bonus. This monster contract makes These big numbers have many wondering if Wilson is worth this historic deal.

  1. Production Trend

You would think that Wilson would be coming off of a monster season to deserve this contract, but no. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Wilson was 18th in the league in passing yards per game, putting up his third lowest yardage total in his career.

  1. Good.. but not great

There is no doubt that Russell Wilson is a solid quarterback. The guy constantly hits around the mid-60’s in accuracy. His TD’s are usually in the 20’s-30’s. Overall, Wilson is a good QB. But that’s the thing, he’s not elite, he’s just pretty good. His talents definitely don’t justify himself as being the top earner in the NFL.  

  1. Playoff Production (Lately)

There is no way to doubt what Wilson has done in the past, but some would argue that the best days of Wilson may already be behind him. One big reason as to why the Seahawks will regret this contract extension is the production of Wilson in the postseason. Sure, Wilson was able to lead the 2013 Seahawks to a Super Bowl, but that defense he had in Seattle was one of the NFL’s best. Wilson and the Seahawks barely made the playoffs in the 2018-19 season, and once they got there. Wilson disappeared. Wilson’s 233 yards was the second lowest total for a starting quarterback in this year’s playoffs, beating out only rookie Lamar Jackson. Wilson is not the type of quarterback to take a team through the postseason on his shoulders, like Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes did this last season. Instead, Wilson has looked more like a quarterback that has the ability to manage games, not win them. We’re just not sure if this is the kind of player that deserves to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

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